Legs and Shoulders Circuit

free weightTry this pyramid style circuit in the gym or at home for around 30 minutes of high intensity strength training.  Complete 2 repetitions of each exercise in the circuit.  Once you finish the circuit start over with 4 reps of each exercise.  Continue through sets of 6, 8, and 10, take a short rest and then start again from 10 and work your way back down to 2!  If you complete the circuit properly your heart rate should stay up and you can look to burn between 250 and 400 calories!

Pushups with Hip Rotation and Side Crunch

Alternating Lunges with Lateral Raise

Seated or Standing Heel Raises

Barbell Squat Press

Dumbbell Dead Lift with Shoulder Shrug

Alternating Lunge Jumps

A Different Type of Strength Training

Try some added resistance training with your workout partner next time you’re in the gym!  This is a good method to help you get away from your standard lifting routine.  All you need is a partner and you can take your strength training to the next level.

Let’s say it’s chest and back day.  You’re going to start on the flat bench with a regular bench press like you always do but this time you’re going to do your bench press with some added intensity.  Use a lighter weight than normal.  Lift the bar off the rack and bring it down close to your chest without resting it on your body.  Your partner is going to place their hands on the bar in between yours and press down against your best attempt to raise the bar.  Your partner should not allow you to raise the bar but you should continue to push as hard as possible for a ten count.  After ten seconds your partner can assume the spotting position while you rep out 10-15 regular presses.  As soon as you’re done with your set move directly into your next one repeating the static press first.  Do this three times in a row and see how many reps you can get on the third set.  You’ll be surprised at the difference that added resistance can make!

This method can be used on virtually any exercise.  If you’re using it on weight stack machines be sure to be very careful and watch your hands as you provide the added resistance.  This method should not be practiced by beginners.  Make sure you are extremely comfortable with your lifting technique before you step it up to the next level.  Good luck!