Lower Body Challenge


Complete this 6 exercise circuit as many times as possible in 30 minutes.  All you will need is a kettlebell of moderate weight and a heavy resistance band.

25 Kettlebell Swings

10 Forward & Back Bodyweight Lunges on Each Leg

25 Bodyweight Squat Jumps

15 Side Steps with Resistance Band on Each Leg

15 Burpee Jacks

25 Sumo Squats with Kettlebell

Beginners should use lighter weights and shoot to make it through the circuit two to three full times.  Intermediate lifters should shoot to make it through this entire circuit three to four times with a heavier weight.  Advanced athletes should challenge themselves to complete five full circuits in thirty minutes or less.  Good luck!

A New Format For Your Workouts

Looking for a way to add change to your routine?  Consider implementing this new format into your next workout.  Take anywhere from six to ten exercises of your choice and create a timed circuit.  Spend one minute doing each exercise until you’ve completed the entire circuit.  Upon completion of the first round, eliminate the first exercise that you did and complete the rest of the circuit again.  Continue this pattern until you get down to the last exercise.  Complete that exercise alone for one minute and finish with a cool down and stretch!

For added intensity, shoot to complete 7 exercises in 30 minutes or less, or 10 exercises in 60 minutes or less.  Also take into consideration whether you want to make the circuit strength or cardio based or if you want to include both.  This can be completed as an upper, lower, core, or total body workout.  Good luck!

The 500 Challenge

Consider modeling your next workout with this blueprint.  Decide whether you want to do a total body workout or just one or two muscle groups.  Choose 10 different exercises that fit into your routine for the day and then complete one set of 50 repetitions for each exercise. Choose your weights wisely and stick with what you pick.  If you can’t complete 50 reps at once then take as many small breaks as needed until you finish your set.  You may up your weight if it feels too easy, but do not go down in weight if you can help it.  Once you finish your 10 exercises you will have done 500 repetitions.  For added intensity shoot to finish this workout in 30 minutes or less.  Good luck!

Lower Body Circuit

Complete this lower body circuit as quickly as possible without sacrificing good form.  Take a two minute rest and start again with a goal of beating your original time.  Rest for two more minutes and complete the entire circuit again shooting for your best time yet!  All you will need is a set of dumbbells and an optional kettlebell.  Female beginners should start with 10 pound weights and work their way up.  Male beginners and experienced females should try this circuit with 15-20 pound weights.  Intermediate men and advanced women should complete the circuit with 25 pound weights.  More advanced men should try 35-45 pound weights.  Choose a weight that is challenging but reasonable.

25 Squat Jumps (no weight)

10 Alternating Lunges w/ a Twist on Each Leg (one weight)

15 Sumo Squats (one weight)

20 High Knees on Each Leg (no weight)

15 Dead Lifts (with both dumbbells)

25 Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings (one weight)

10 Burpee Jacks

Looking to set the bar high?  Beat the trainer’s best time of 3:56!  Good luck!! 🙂

10 Minute Kettlebell Circuit

Grab a 10-25 pound kettlebell depending on your fitness level and try this 10 minute circuit.  Perform each exercise for 60 seconds and try to complete the entire circuit without stopping.  Take a 2-4 minute rest and then repeat the circuit again.  To add intensity perform a series of abs exercises during your rest period.  Not only is this a stellar legs and shoulders workout, but it’s a great way to get some cardio in without having to use those monotonous machines.  Good luck!  
Single Arm Clean & Press (60 sec each arm)
Single Arm Swings (60 sec each arm) 
Sumo Squat with Single Arm High Pulls (60 sec each arm)
Alternating Lunges with One Arm Press (60 sec total)
Single Arm Snatches (60 sec each arm)
Front Raises with Burpee (60 sec total)

Look Ma, No Hands!

The video above displays the potential aftermath of this equipment-free legs workout.  It is entirely lower body and should be completed as a circuit.  After you complete all five exercises once, take a 60 second break and start from the top.  Complete the entire circuit three times and you can claim success!  GOOD LUCK!!  And hopefully you won’t become a statistic. 
30 Split Squat Jumps
Perform 15 split squat jumps on each leg.  If these are too tough for you, consider subbing squat jumps.  If you need something non-impact just complete 30 body weight squats.
30 Alternating Lunges With Five Count Pulse
For this exercise you want to complete 15 lunges on each leg.  Each lunge should be followed with five pulses as shown in the video.  If you need a modification consider taking out the pulses OR simply taking one step out into a lunge and completing 15 pulses on each side.
30 Squats With A Hip Abduction
Perform 30 total squats with 15 kicks on each side.  If you’re looking to make this exercise a little bit harder, place one foot on a step or a weight bench before squatting and kicking out with the foot on the floor.
30 Seconds of Box Jumps or Step Ups
If you’re doing this at home, box jumps can be completed on something as low as your bottom step.  If you’ve got a picnic table or sturdy bench to work with you can use those as well.  If you’re not ready for box jumps just complete step ups instead.
30 Sumo Squats
This exercise is good for men and women, alike.  Keep a wide stance with your feet and make sure your toes are pointed outward.  You can use a weight if you’re looking for higher intensity, but don’t feel like you need one to complete this exercise properly. 

Lunge Around the House

Pick one room in your house that you will lunge to rather than walk to all day today.  Perform walking lunges every time you enter that room.  If you are unable to do lunges, consider doing a lateral kick and a squat bringing your feet together between each while moving closer to your destination.  Another option would be a walking hip abduction with a resistance band.  Whatever it is, get a mini leg and cardio workout in at home throughout the day or evening.  

Do 100 Squats

Find time in your day to do 100 squats.  That can be four sets of 25 or ten sets of ten!  You can do them at the gym or in your living room while you’re watching tv.  This won’t take more than a few minutes out of your day, but with good form, you’ll be feeling like you did something tomorrow!

My Top 10 Butt Exercises

Why anyone would want to base their goals on any of the girls in the following video is beyond me:

Nevertheless, I’ve just received a challenge to mold one of my client’s posterior into Kim Kardashian’s keister.  Sooo, while Kim may not kayak often, I am willing to bet that she does hit these exercises in the gym.  Here are my top 10 butt exercises for lifting, toning, and strengthening…

10.  Dead Lift

When executed correctly, this exercise can work wonders for your butt!  As you stand up straight, completing each repetition of the exercise, be sure to squeeze your glutes for an added bonus.  

The “romanian” or “stiff leg” dead lift is a great butt exercise as well.  It works the hamstrings and low back, but again, squeezing everything tight after each repetition makes for a crazy butt workout too!  For an added challenge, stagger your feet placing one foot back and keeping the bulk of your weight on your front foot.  Hold your abs in and lower the weight.  A few sets of these seal the soreness every time.

9.  Walking on an Incline

Walking may seem like an easy form of cardio for people who are used to a more strenuous workout.  However, if you raise that treadmill incline up to about as high as you can handle you will end up with a sore but perky reason to give walking another chance.

8.  Hip Abduction

There are several ways to perform a hip abduction so stay open minded and be creative.  Whether it is a machine that you sit on and push your thighs apart, a machine with a cable that you swing your leg away from, a resistance band under your feet that you walk side to side with, or a simple leg lift you execute while lying on your side, hip abductions will bring you the butt burn you are seeking.  Remember to squeeze your glutes tight during every repetition for an unbeatable burn and the best results.
7.  Rear Kick

This exercise makes for a strong backside and a sizzling burn.  Most gyms have a machine to simulate the rear kick.  Pack on the weight so that it’s challenging to complete 12-15 reps.  Push through your heel and make sure your form doesn’t suffer during your set.  If you can feel yourself using your upper body or core even more than your legs you need to lower the weight.  Rear kicks can also be completed with a resistance band, no weight at all, standing, or on your hands and knees.  The important thing is that you challenge yourself and your body by switching things up.

6.  Leg Press

The leg press machine is a staple in every gym.  There are many different versions of this machine and I encourage you to try each.  Find a weight that makes 12-15 reps challenging but doable and press away.  Consider moving your feet out wide and pointing your toes slightly outward to isolate the glutes even more.

5.  Rollerblading 

Whether it is roller blades or ice skates, the side to side motion that skating entails will leave you with a first class fanny!  Some gyms have cardio machines that simulate skating and you might be surprised at how tough they can be.  Be it in the gym or outside, your butt won’t be the only thing burning with this exercise.  Count on burning about 250 calories for every 30 minutes of skating.

4.  Squats

There are about a million different ways to do a squat.  This is another exercise that creativity and open-mindedness can take a long way.  Try a standard squat with your feet shoulder width apart.  Pay attention to the placement of your knees.  If they are moving forward beyond your toes as you are squatting down you need to work on correcting your form.  Place a chair behind you then sit down and stand up.  Keep your butt back and your weight in your heels.  Your knees should not be doing the work here.  When they stay behind your toes you know you’re working your butt and thighs!  

Try moving your feet out wide and pointing your toes slightly outward.  Squat down and squeeze everything tight on your way back up.  You should feel this type of squat in your butt and inner thighs.  For more of a challenge add weight.

3.  Running

These top three butt exercises can probably also be found in a lot of people’s top three most hated exercises.  Give them another chance if you’re serious about toning up your back end.  Running, alone, can burn up to 400 calories per 30 minutes.  Interval training can be a great way to overcome the mental aspect of running while giving your body an even greater physical challenge.  Try running at a challenging speed for 45 seconds followed by 60 to 90 seconds of a reasonably paced walk.  Repeat this until you reach a mile.  For additional toughness jack up that incline!

2.  Lunges

Ahh, the dreaded lunge.  I don’t really have any tips to make these any easier or more exciting.  However, like squats, dead lifts, and hip abductions, lunges come in several different styles.  Practice alternating lunges, walking lunges, and side lunges to keep your body guessing.  Step backward into a reverse lunge or reverse walking lunge to give your glutes an extra workload.  Add weight to any of these lunge types to make them more difficult.

Finally, what may be the worst and best thing that’s ever happened to you…..

1.  Stair Climbing

Don’t think this has to be done on a stairmaster or stepper.  Get outdoors if the weather is nice, try to make the most out of an exercise that sucks!  Whether you’re in the gym or outside, keep an open mind if you’re getting a stair workout in.  Try climbing steps forward, backward, and sideways.  Try skipping every other step or if you’re really coordinated doing the grapevine on your way up.  If you can survive a moderate intensity 30 minute stair climbing workout you can burn over 400 calories and be one “step” closer to bootylicious.