Accumulator Arms

arm flex

Looking for a killer arms workout with increasing intensity?  Try this accumulator style workout!  This workout is timed and the only equipment needed is a 10-15 pound medicine ball and a heavy resistance band.  Complete the first exercise for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest.  Immediately after your rest period go back to 30 more seconds of the first exercise directly followed by 30 seconds of the next exercise and then 30 more seconds of rest.  Continue to add an exercise to each circuit BEFORE finishing with 30 seconds of rest.  You should be aiming to do as many repetitions as possible without losing form.  Good luck!

Medicine Ball Slams

Narrow Pushups

Resistance Band Curls


Overhead Triceps Extension (Use Medicine Ball)

Reverse Band Curls


Plank Ups

Leg Lifts