Viewing "Failure" as a Necessary Part of Success

“In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail.”
– Anonymous

Whether you’ve been working toward your goals all year or you’re just getting started, it is important to remember that fitness goals are never attained over night.  Instead of getting discouraged because you haven’t lost twenty pounds or haven’t been able to run a consecutive mile, set a smaller goal you can accomplish in the meantime.  Before you can lose twenty pounds you’ve got to lose five.  Likewise, before you are able to complete a mile you’ve got to execute a quarter mile.

Use small goals to encourage yourself to stay on track.  When you’re developing timelines for your larger goals make sure they are realistic.  If you don’t lose twenty pounds in twenty weeks or less don’t look at it as complete failure.  Keep at it and the twenty pounds will come off.  The key to success is consistency.  Use your stumbling blocks as reason to keep going and you can achieve the impossible!

Eating In Rather Than Out

One way we can avoid eating junk and taking in too many calories is by choosing to cook more at home.  If you find yourself eating out several times during the week try to substitute one or two of those days with a home cooked meal.  Eating in may be a simple way to clean up your diet and save some money for the luxuries in life like in home personal training! 😉

Check out for home cooked meal ideas.  This website allows you to list the ingredients that you’ve got in your kitchen in return for free recipes that don’t require a trip to the store.  It’s a nice and easy way to make a meal with what you’ve got and learn some new recipes in the meantime!

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Cutting Back on Sodium

We often get caught up in looking for low-fat and low-carb options while completely overlooking the amount of sodium a certain dish may have.  It’s important to pay close attention to how much salt you are taking in.  Meals that are high in protein are often times high in sodium as well.  Pay close attention to how meat is marinated and how much sodium is present.  Below are a few tips in cutting back on your sodium intake.  Consider using these tips to your benefit and cleaning up part of your diet in the process.
1. Mix low-sodium foods with regular foods

2. Add pepper, rather than salt, to a dish that needs more flavor

3. Switch to kosher salt.  (coarser salt means less sodium per unit value)

4. Be on the lookout for non-salt sources of sodium (MSG, sodium citrate, baking soda, etc)

5. Drink water over sports drinks

6. Eat regular potato chips over flavored potato chips

7. Use lemon juice as a marinade or to add flavor

8. Eat potassium to counter the sodium you do take in

The Importance of Body Fat Percentage

Everybody talks about BMI, but the truth is, your body fat percentage is a better measurement of overall health.  Keeping your body fat percentage between “athletic” and “healthy”, as shown in the chart above, should be at the forefront of your fitness goals.  A good body fat percentage makes for less of a chance to develop problems such as high blood pressure and type two diabetes.

Whether male or female, the best way to lower your body fat percentage is by gaining muscle.  A consistent strength training program that includes weight and resistance training is the best way to achieve a lower body fat percentage.  Proper diet plays a role in body fat as well.  Naturally, the less junk you eat, the better your chance at lowering your body fat percentage.

Focus on building some strength this month.  Use free weights and body weight exercises to get stronger and build more muscle.  If you are a member of a gym have your body fat percentage tested now and then again in 4-6 weeks.  If you’ve made the proper changes in your workout routine and diet you should see your body fat drop between one and two percent.  It may seem like a slow moving number, but you’ll love the way you look and feel six months from now if you can keep it up!

Outstanding Effort and Achievement Award!

The “Outstanding Effort and Achievement Award” for the month of June goes to MY MOM, Ann Napoletan!!!!  Since mid-January she has lost more than 29 pounds and 22 inches.  Her body fat has come down 5% and she has become extremely dedicated to cleaning up her diet and counting her calories.  
Despite a broken wrist early in the year, my mom has been able to stay on track with lower body workouts and logging her food.  She took something that could have become an excuse and turned it into a reason to work harder on the things she was able to do.  Her dedication to improving her health this year has been nearly flawless.  Losing more than 3 inches on both her waist and hips has helped her get down 3 pants sizes!  Her accomplishments continue to motivate her to set new goals and reach new levels of achievement.  
Mom, despite our difficulties of trying to work together in the past, I really feel like we’ve both put in an honest effort to succeed this year and it’s really paying off.  Your commitment to better health is nothing short of amazing!  It makes me so happy to see you put in such a great effort to be healthy and stay active.  I’m so glad this is working out and can’t wait to see what the future holds.  You’ve truly made a lifestyle change over the past six months and I couldn’t be more proud.  Keep up the great work!!!  This journey has become yet another way you’ve inspired me and I’m very, very thankful for that! 🙂