Having a garage sale?

Posted on 19. Apr, 2012 by in Organize

Mary Donovan, of Organizing Matters, and I are teaching a class in Upper Arlington this spring to help people make the most of their garage sale!  It’s scheduled for April 26th at 6:30pm.  The class will be called “SORT IT! STORE IT! $ELL IT!” and the cost is $25 member/28 non-member.

Who:  Terry Cowans, Reddin’ Up, Ltd & Mary Donovan, Organizing Matters
What:  Sort It! Store It! $ell It! — Make the Most of Your Garage Sale
Where:  Upper Arlington, OH 43221, see UA Activity Guide, pg 33
When:  April 26, 2012  at 6:30pm
Why:  It’s the season to take back control of your garage and basement and make a little month in the process.  The professional organizers are here to help! After Mary shows you how to triage through your clutter, identify what you no longer want or need and sort and store the things you want to keep Terry helps you get rid of what’s leftover by planning a successful garage sale that will attract plenty of customers.  Covering all the steps, from clearing the clutter to picketing the profit, this informative and timely workshop’s got it all!

You can register (search for Adult, Home & Garden) on the UA website, it’s class #442358 A.

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