Things to do this summer

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Summertime! Make that list of things you want to get done this summer, along with those things you need to get done!

  1. Empty your book bag. Keep important papers, label by subject. Toss trash.
  2. Start any summer homework such as reading projects, writing projects (have a notepad & pencil ready for ideas). Be sure to add due dates to your calendar.
  3. Clean your room.
  4. See a summer blockbuster movie.
  5. Go to the pool.
  6. Go for a bike ride.
  7. Walk a neighbor’s dog for them.
  8. Help clean something around the house.
  9. Try on your clothes and start a donate bag of those items you have outgrown.
  10. Go shopping for new clothes.
  11. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  12. Get tutoring or tutor a friend.
  13. Go to the Columbus Zoo. COSI. Ohio Historical Society.
  14. Apply for a job. Work a job.
  15. Visit a college that you are interested in.
  16. Take photographs, start a scrapbook of your high school days.
  17. Take soup to a sick friend or neighbor.
  18. Go to a Clippers game. Crew game.
  19. Go golfing.
  20. Play basketball.
  21. Play Frisbee golf.
  22. Play putt-putt golf.
  23. Go fishing.
  24. Go boating.
  25. Get a haircut.
  26. Go on vacation with family.
  27. Help with yard work.
  28. Visit your grandparents. Great grandparents. Cousins. Aunt & uncles.
  29. Go canoeing.
  30. Read a book for fun.
  31. Sell back books to Half price books — ask permission if the books are not yours!
  32. Surprise your parents with dinner. Plan it as a picnic.
  33. See the fireworks in July.
  34. Take an art class.
  35. Learn to play the guitar.
  36. Listen to music.
  37. Sleep in a hammock.
  38. Play with squirt guns, NOT as senior tag. Water balloons.
  39. Go rollerskating. Skateboard.
  40. Bake a pizza. Invent a new topping.
  41. Make a music video.
  42. Learn to sew.
  43. Make a banana-split.
  44. Learn to draw. Paint.
  45. Hike.

Oh, remember school starts August 15th for Westerville schools!

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