Environmentally Friendly Cartridges

Posted on 20. Oct, 2013 by in Create

circut001Just bought my first Cricut cartridge that came in ProvoCraft’s new packaging. Love their effort to use smaller packaging!

Normally, each cartridge comes with a box that is twice this size.  It’s taller to accommodate the overlay that you use to lay on the cricut machine to know what keys to push. In this new little square box, the overlay is not included. Again, making it more environmentally friendly.

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New Cricut Cartridges

Posted on 06. Mar, 2013 by in Create


Extreme Fonts

This cartridge just came out this year. It contains 5 fonts, each has a shadow. One is very thin, I plan to use with my markers. One is for large letters and number, you might use this for wall decor.

I found it the cheapest online at http://cartridgesandmore.com/.  But do an internet search to find the best price now that more sites are selling it. Read More…

Create a Critter

Posted on 30. Aug, 2012 by in Create

I recently signed up to receive emails from Cricut.com and I noticed that they have a “free cartridge cutting” event happening each week.  I saw in the Craft Room software last week that there was a cartridge called “Life’s a Party” and didn’t think much about it, I just knew that I didn’t own it.  But now when I log-in, it’s gone but there’s a new one this week called “Create a Critter”. They must be letting us try out the different cartridges before we purchase them. (In the cutting software you can design with all of their cartridges, but only cut with the ones that you own).

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Cricut Cartridge Ideas

Posted on 24. Apr, 2012 by in Create

I love to scrapbook, and I especially love cutting scrapbook accents with my Cricut machine. Have you checked out the Cricut forums for ideas?

Sometime I forget about this as a resource for ideas.  It’s great to search for a particular cartridge and get ideas.

I recently got the Tie the Knot cartridge and I wanted to get more ideas. Just flipping thru the booklet that comes with it, you get some ideas. I was curious to find out how other scrapbookers were using it.

If you go to Cricut.com, and click on Messageboard, you will go to the community. You have to login and it’s very confusing on whether it’s a separate login from the Cricut site and Cricut Rewards site. Just keep track of your id and password. Read More…

Cricut Gypsy

Posted on 16. Feb, 2012 by in Create

I recently had a problem with my Gypsy from Provo Craft.  I had just used it for a weekend crop in January and it worked fine.  I tried to load a few new cartridges and got the error message that the Gypsy could not read the cartridges, and it was odd that it couldn’t read all of them.  So I did an update thinking that the Gypsy needed new software to read these new cartridges. Read More…