Slice and Dice that PSD

Posted on 16. Jul, 2012 by in Develop

I recently attended WordCamp at OSU. Enjoyed all the presentations!

One presentation left me wanting more information about slicing up a design of a website. Many time I work with a client and they have an idea of how they want to layout their website. We talk about the purpose of the site as well as the look. But once we draw up the design, I didn’t know how to “slice” it into the pieces needed for the look or theme of the website.

I’m on a mission to learn more about Photoshop, both for scrapbooking photos and for website design. So I recently Googled “PSD slicing tutorial“. “PSD” for PhotoShop document / “slicing” for the act of cutting up the pieces and parts.

The first one of the 128,000 tutorials was this one, Slice and Dice that PSD. So I gave it a try …  It’s not WordPress specific, but it’s a great lesson on slicing the individual graphics and DIV class tags.  He has two videos. In the first you will learn how to slice the PSD into HTML, and the second video shows how to create the CSS for the style sheet.

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