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If you are just starting to scrapbook, here’s a few basic items that you need to start with!  Once you have your supplies, see my tips on putting your pages together.

  1. You will need a good pair of scissors for cutting small items.  I recommend a Fiskars pair that is coated to keep from getting sticky.
  2. A paper trimmer ($20).   I recommend getting one at Michael’s or JoAnn’s with your 40% off coupon.
  3. Tape runner for gluing down your pictures ($5).  We have been using Tombo Adhesives and order refills in bulk for around $2.50.
  4. Good black pen for writing down your memories ($5).  This is called Journaling and it’s important to do this in your handwriting.
  5. Photo box for organzing your photos ($5).  Creative Memories makes a nice box that hold many photos, but remember a shoe box will work when you first start!
  6. Paper ($10-20) for matting and your scrapbook pages.  You can purchase special paper at scrapbook stores for 60-90 cents a sheet.  It’s more economical to buy a pack in bulk.  Find a set that has colors that you enjoy.  You will want a mix of solids and patterns.  Again, use your Michael’s or JoAnn’s coupons or watch for sales.
  7. I recommend something to carry your supplies in, both for carting around the house and for traveling to scrapbooking events.  I love using a 12×12 paper storage case ($8 at Container Store) for getting started.  Then I also recommend a rolling tote (you can get a basic one for $15-20 at an office supply store).
  8. Scrapbook album ($20) or two.  Depending on how you are going to organize your photos (by child, by trip, by year, etc) you will pick out an album.  There are several types and sizes.  The two main types are Post and Strap, each has it’s own advantages, pick the one you prefer.  The sizes range from 6×6 to 12×18.  You can fit more photos one the larger format.  12×12 is a very common format.

Once you have the basics, here’s a few fancy items you may wish to add your tool kit!

  1. Small paper punch to add brads
  2. Glue dots for adhering buttons
  3. Silent setter for adding eyelets (CreativeXpress frequently has this for $5, regularly $20)
  4. Creative Memories photo cutter($20) for trimming photos (saves wear and tear on your paper trimmer)

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