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graffitiLogoOh my gosh, why didn’t I discover this sooner?  I’ve long since known that there was software out there that would schedule your content and post it to Facebook, Twitter, and your blog.  But I wasn’t expecting how handy this tool would be!

I have a client that was interested in ensuring that their Facebook posts were appearing on their subscribers news feed pages.  With recent changes on Facebook, a company could not be sure that the posts on their Facebook business page, was showing on everyone’s news feeds.  My client did some research on the subject and found an article about posting to your blog (see “How to Reclaim your Missing Audience“) and having it automatically post to your Facebook page.  So it made me take another look at this process.

You know that I love WordPress because it’s a great way to combine your website and maintain your blog wealth of knowledge to your followers.  But until now I didn’t realize how much people love to interact on Facebook for useful information. People share things on Facebook like crazy.

graffitiRecently my client has also been trying to figure out how to post in both places, since we know people are on Facebook all the time, but don’t always come to the website. Our hit counter is showing us that. Also, people are prone to comment on the Facebook side, but not on the website/blog side. Posting in both places would save time and effort too. We found that you could schedule your post in WordPress, then also schedule the post on your Facebook page, but had to be careful with the links since the blog post was not live yet.

In our research we came across an article that mentioned “RSS Graffiti”.  You can find this tool on Facebook at  When you open the application called RSS Graffiti on Facebook, you have the option to add Publishing Plans.  You can do a Google Search for “How to improve post visibility on Facebook” for more details.

When you setup your publishing plan, you basically connect your blog to your Facebook page.  It can be a personal blog or a business blog, it just needs an RSS feed (WordPress has the RSS feed built-in).  In a few quick steps, you can tell RSS Graffiti the source of your content (the blog) and the target of the content (your Facebook page).

Here’s an article that I really like that includes screenshots of the setup of RSS Graffiti called “Improve_FB_Post_Visibility“.  I have summarized the steps below. Refer to the full article for more details.

If you have a blog, here’s the steps:

  1. Sign up for RSS Graffiti on Facebook (
  2. Click “Add a new Publishing Plan”, give it a recognizable name and press the “Create Publishing Plan” button.
  3. Click “Add New” on the Source section, and enter your blog/website URL, press the “Add Source” button. On the “Basic” tab, you can specify how often the posts should update, how many posts, and publish newest posts first. On the “Advanced” tab, you can enter some text that will go along with each post, such as “Please click ‘Share'” and you can specify a cut-off date or delay time. Press the “Save” button.
  4. Click “Add New” on the Target section. You can select a Facebook Target from the drop-down list. Your personal page along with any other Pages that you have access to will display in the list. Specify the Post style – standard, compact, or status updates. You can preview to see what this will look like.  Press the “Save Changes” button.
  5. The last step is to slide the button from OFF to ON.  Any new published posts from your blog/website will be displayed on your Facebook page!



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