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Here’s a few steps to help get you started …

  • Gather all the photos from all over the house and bring together in one place.  It should be a warm and dry area — away from food & drink and kids & pets.  You may also want to get old family photos from parents to make copies.
  • If you have photos in existing photo albums, leave them in the books, but have them together so you know their whereabouts.  You can choose the best photos to scrapbook and to tell the story about the photos — trips, holidays, family members.
  • Next, sort thru the photos — and everyone does this differently.  I choose to sort by child so each one has their own book.  You could also sort by years, or by theme (ie. trips/vacations, family, etc.)  If  you decide to sort them, keep it simple.  If it’s too complicated, you’ll loose interested.

Storing your photos …

  • For the storage of all your loose photos, I suggest the Creative Memories Power Sort Box.   You can divide up your photos by theme, it holds 2400 pictures, and you can take out a little section at a time.
  • After I had stacks and stacks of photos, I did not know where to start.  Finally, I got out our family calendar and made notes about birthdays, trips, and other memorable events to have as a to-do list.  Finding the photos to go with the events is easier if you have pulled the photos together, and I know what I want to have in the kids books by working off my list.

Storing electronic photos …

  • The way I have organized my digital pictures is to upload to an online photo service.  I order prints as I am ready to scrap them.   I can also send a link to family & friends and they can see the photos and order pictures if they like.
  • Creative Memories now has a new software package called “Memory Manager”, that allows you to organize your photos electronically.  It has a handy feature that encourages you to make notes about the photos.
  • Google offers a software called “Picasa” that allows you to find, edit and share pictures on your PC.  Assists with emailing, printing, and making gift CDs.

Printing your photos …

  • We recently purchased an Epson printer for printing out 4×6 photos.  It’s very easy to use, I can print to it from my computer or directly from my camera’s memory card.

Using your photos …

  • Now that you are all organized — let’s get scrapping!  Many people find it most productive to attend a “crop” — either at a local store or a by getting a group of friends together.
  • You can grab a stack of photos from your organized box of photos to work on at the crop.

Sometimes it can seem like we have too many photos, but be sure to check out these ideas for taking photos!

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