Organize your Craft Room

Posted on 09. Feb, 2012 by in Create, Organize

Sometimes it can be so overwhelming to organize your craft room.  Stuff can be everywhere, sometimes it’s still in the bag from the store.  I tell folks, if you have a place for everything, you can quickly put those new purchases away!

  • Starting – You look at the piles, shelves, and boxes and think “where do I start”? Getting started is the hardest step, so pick one corner to start in, then work your way around the room!  Once you dive in, things will start to fall into place and your clutter will be conquered!
  • Sorting – If you group like things together, you will make everything so much easier to locate.  Make piles of these like items as you pull stuff out.  I like to use large laundry baskets to make the sorting go quickly.
  • Containing – Once you have your stuff sorted into piles, you will discover what you need spaces for.  The right sized containers will provide a home for your paper, tools, embellishments, photos, projects, etc.   Save money by purchasing containers after you have done the sorting.
  • Building – Shelving is a great use of vertical space. Your room will look less cluttered if you your items up off the floor.  And remember you need plenty of workspace on your desk or table, so having your tools up above you makes them easily accessible and up out of your way.

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