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Posted on 24. May, 2012 by in Consult

Have you watched the Neil Gaiman Commencement Speech? He’s a writer speaking at an Arts school graduation.

It’s so inspirational, you need to watch it!  Here’s the takeaways that I got from it:

  • He didn’t attend college, became a writer making it up as he went along. Used his imagination.
  • Didn’t follow the ‘normal’ path. He created a list of everything he wanted to do in his life. And kept doing the things on his list.
  • Piece of advise, for a career in the arts, if you don’t know it’s impossible, it’s easier to do!
  • Do what you were put here to do. Sometimes it’s not clear cut. Enjoy the journey. Don’t do things for the money.
  • Your goal is a mountain, keep working towards the mountain. Keep life an adventure.
  • Your projects are like putting a message in a bottle, hoping someone will find it. Be think skinned about your failures.
  • If you do things with your creativity, making things up, it’s you, your voice, your vision and only you. You can get away with it!
  • Listen to his 6 success tips! It’s inspirational and funny!

Speech: Make Good Art

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