Jillibean Craft Room

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Jill’s craft room

I recently had a friend contact me to organize her craft room. I was delighted to help!

Jill, local scrapbook designer, is so busy with her growing business that she needed help with her personal craft supplies.

Her space is located in her work zone of the basement.

Her scrap table was full of scrapbook product that she had bought from local scrapbook stores and also from expositions that she visits for her business.

When your scrap area is disorganized, it’s not a fun place to create. Jill didn’t have the time to organize, but knew she would use the area if everything was just put away in an easy to find fashion.

Scrapbook Table – Before

The first project space I tackled was the craft desk. I pulled off all the product from the table top, the side shelves and the bottom shelves and spread the items across the floor, sorting like products together.

You might not be able to tell, but this is an IKEA table. It has a glass top that sits a couple inches above the desk surface. It’s very nice for displaying photos or other collectables. She has a sewing cabinet to the right of the desk.

This IKEA table is not very practical for scrapbook tools. Seems like it would be great for your tape, scissors, and paper cutter, but the opening is too small to get to your tools. The shelving is too small to be practical.

Scrapbook Table – After

For now, we made due with this table, since it’s a great table space for scrapping.

Jill also had a shelving unit that I used for embellishments and ribbon. It’s so nice and colorful, it really adds to the creative space. We hung it on the wall after this photo was taken.

I didn’t take a photo under the desk, but I used baskets to hold the paper and stickers on the side and bottom shelves. I arranged the products by subject so she can find them when she’s scrapping family photos.

I placed often used tools in small containers on the desk for easy access. I also placed the her large cutting mat on the desk — the area is all ready for scrapbooking!

Mailing Station – Before

While I was there, Jill asked me to organize her mailing station for her business. I was so proud to help her, I wish her business all the best!

She had her basement area laid out very efficiently. But like most of our areas, there was just an abundance of products.

On the paper shelves, I sorted the paper by color. I also pulled out old paper styles and made room for new paper.

Mailing Station – After

The baskets were full of her Jillibean product that she mails to customers. I hung the product up on the pegboard.

By using the wall space, it freed up the table top to be used for packing and labeling products before shipment.

I placed the stamps, tape, and other items that Jill includes in her shipments on the table, close at hand. This makes for a fun and efficient mailing station.



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