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Hello.  My name is Terry Cowans and I have been professionally organizing houses in central Ohio since 2007. I am currently a member of NAPO Ohio, serving as the Director of Communication & Technology.

  • Can’t see your KITCHEN COUNTERS anymore?
  • Do you have a CLOSET that you just hate?
  • Is it easier to just keep the KIDS BEDROOM door shut than look at their mess?
  • Have you purchased SCRAPBOOK MATERIALS but can’t find anything when you need it?
  • Do you have mounds of LAUNDRY and can’t find anything to wear?
  • Do you have a baby on the way and the BABY SHOWER GIFTS are still in their boxes?
  • Did you just move and can’t get through all the MOVING BOXES or can’t find certain items?
  • Are you EXHAUSTED when you get home from work and can’t red up everything?
  • Do you find yourself ARGUING with family members about who put what where?
  • Can’t pull the cars into the GARAGE anymore?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, I CAN HELP!

Many people ask me how hiring a professional organizer works.  It’s easy:

  1. First, contact me for an initial assessment.  After a brief discussion about what you would like to improve in your home, I can provide you with an estimate for the time it will take us to tackle the problem area.
  2. When I arrive at your home, I will help sort and better organize the room that you decided to improve.  I provide all the tools and organizing methods to sort thru your clutter with you.
  3. Once we have it all sorted, we can put the room back together — all new and improved!

You will love the results!   Contact me for an appointment to tackle any problem area in your home!

I can do as much or as little as you need done.   Together we can tackle the kids’ rooms, garage, craft area, kitchen or home office!
Let me help you with your home!   See my MomForHire website for all the details.

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