Garage Sale Tips

Posted on 23. Apr, 2012 by in Organize

If you are thinking of having a sale to clean out those items that you no longer use, consider these tips for a successful garage sale.

  • Sorting thru items in the house (1 month before)
    have an area to start collecting items you wish to sell
    consider items that you no longer use or no longer love
  • Prepping the garage (2 weeks before)
    clean out and sweep the floor
    cover bikes and items not for sale with sheets
    plan for the weather by finding heater, fans. extention cords
  • Advertising (1-2 weeks before)
    craigslist – date, location, list of big items, photos, contact info (
    classifieds – one week lead time for dispatch (free, cost ~$40)
    facebook – post link to online ads for friends to see
  • Setup (1 week before)
    display areas – tables and shelves work best
    signs – post signs at near by intersections and leading to your street
    price tags / labels – shoppers appreciate the price already being on each item
  • Shared garage sale (1 week before)
    include multi-family on your ads
    label items (initials or different color labels)
    mark items on sold list so money is divided properly
    divide space in sales area for multiple sellers
    agree ahead of time about who can work which days/time slots
    decide if other person can negotiate your prices
  • Pricing (1 week before)
    is the purpose to get rid of items & recycle, then price to sell
    research large ticket items to find the going rate
    know your minimum price you will consider before parting with item
  • Cash drawer (1 day before)
    don’t forget to start with change, subtract from sales
    consider keeping track of large items sold
    be safe, wear fanny pack or keep money in box out of sight
    consider locking front door and back door for safety
  • Garage Sale (day of sale)
    get up early, shoppers will arrive an hour before you took them
    move your cars out of the driveway, more room for shoppers and in case you need out
    pull large items out onto driveway for visibility
    have fans running if very hot day/heater if chilly day

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