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circut001Just bought my first Cricut cartridge that came in ProvoCraft’s new packaging. Love their effort to use smaller packaging!

Normally, each cartridge comes with a box that is twice this size.  It’s taller to accommodate the overlay that you use to lay on the cricut machine to know what keys to push. In this new little square box, the overlay is not included. Again, making it more environmentally friendly.

They have switched to a new universal overlay. Instead of showing very tiny images on each key, which was difficult to see, it now just contains a number on each key. Then the little booklet shows the image and the corresponding number to use.  At first I found the booklet a little confusing, but you have to know how it works.

To save on pages in the booklet, it reminds you that instructions can be found at http://www.cricut.com/handbook. But basically, the pictures in the very front of the booklet, tell you what pages to turn to in the booklet. Then on those pages, you are told which keys to press on the universal overlay.

Once you find the page in the booklet of the desired shape you wish to create, it shows all the Universal Overlay keys to press. I also love that these images are printed in color, with a suggested color, to make your desired shape. Be right back, I’m going to cut out a little graduation boy to show you how much easier cutting with the Cricut is now!

Step 1. Find scrap paper in the desired colors for your shape, I keep a bucket of scrap cardstock near my Cricut just for this occassion.


Step 2. Decide what size you want to cut your shape, you will leave this size for all cuts. I decided to cut out this little guy at 3 1/2 inches. Just turn the size dial to 3 1/2 inches for all the cuts. The cartridge knows to auto-size all the pieces. Make sure you do not have the real size button on!


Step 3. Place the scraps on your cutting mat. Sometimes I cut the first shape, in this case, the body of the graduate. Then I knew where I had room and approximately how big the pieces would cut. So in this picture you see the mat after I added all the other colors after cutting the beige 3 1/2 body.


Step 4. Move your blade to each color, then you will press the proper keys for each shape and press cut to begin cutting. The booklet will show which function button (F1 thru F6) and also S for Shift. They have really taken the guess work out!


Step 5. Pull pieces off the mat and see if you have any missing pieces, I forgot to cut the diploma and tassel on my example. So I grabbed some orange and cut them, they are not shown here.


Step 6. Assemble all the pieces. How stinkin’ cute is this little graduate? Can’t wait to use this on my son’s graduation layout.


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