Downsizing Tips

Posted on 19. Jan, 2012 by in Organize

When we recently moved from our house that we raised our children in, to a condo, I did some research to find this useful downsizing information. It’s important to keep these steps in mind while going thru the transition.

Set goals
– smaller space
– warmer climate
– reduced mortgage
– make a list of what you need

The stuff
– go thru the items that you use day to day
– paperwork, deciding what papers to keep
– seasonal stored items in the basement, garage or storage unit
– consider hiring someone to come in a help for motivation and simplification

Selling your house
– listen to realtor on price and what to declutter
– be willing to show your place at a moments notice
– finish those unfinished home projects

– consider a temporary storage unit
– label boxes clearly (room such as bedroom, kitchen, basement, etc.)
– hire movers for large items, have those items ready to save on cost

Ready to relax
– enjoy your new location
– send out change of address cards
– reduce items brought into the home

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