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I use the 12×12 cutting system called the Cricut Expression.  It’s wonderful for cutting titles, fonts, and shapes for your scrapbook layouts.

Tip: There’s a smaller 6×12 size cutter, but I recommend the larger one.  The price difference is not very much and you’ll be glad when you can cut large cutouts such as cards, boxes, and large shapes for posters and those big 3-D projects.

Your Cricut comes with a mat for cutting. I like to order a set of mats (comes with 2 in a pack) so that I can be cutting one color while removing another color from a 2nd mat.

Tip: You cannot use the wrong size mat, you need to use the 12×12 if you have the Expression size, ie. you cannot cut it into two 6×12 mats for the smaller Cricut machine (the mat is not wide enough when cut).

A handy tool for your Cricut machine is their Spatula.  It’s a very flat tool that slips under your cut letters and shapes so you are able to pull up your image without tearing the paper.

Tip: The mats are very sticky when you get them, it’s handy to rub them on a sweater or towel to remove a little of the sticky, if you find your paper is tearing.

Another handy tool is the toolkit that is made by ProvoCraft.  It does not include the Spatula, but it does have several other tools that allow you to work with your shapes. One tool is like a dental tool for removing plaque, it’s very handy for poking out small holes inside very small shapes.

Tip: It does not include the Spatula, and it’s a very handy tool, so order it separately.

The Cricut cutting systems use Cartridges to know how to cut the fonts and shapes. This handy tool called the JukeBox allows you to plug in 6 cartridges at a time. I love it for a great storage system because it holds the overlays, booklets, and cartridges.

Tip: You can connect several JukeBoxes together and set them next to your Cricut so that you never need to swap out your Cartridges. Each one comes with it’s own cable to connect so you do NOT need to purchase another cable.  They do make a longer cable, but you don’t need that unless your machine will be far from your Cartridges.

If you have many cartridges and you want a convenient way to store them, other than the JukeBox mentioned above, then you may want to get these storage notebook. It holds 12 cartridges along with the overlays and instruction booklets.

Tip: They store neatly on your craft room shelves and are portable to take with you to crops.

ProvoCraft recently developed a new item called the Gypsy. This allows you to weld the font letters together like you see on fancy scrapbook layouts. You can load all your Cartridges onto the Gypsy and then design on this unit. It’s the size of a GameBoy system, and portable.

Tip: I like to have mine with me to use while waiting at the doctor’s office or the kids’ sport events.

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