Cricut Craft Room, Part II

Posted on 26. Aug, 2012 by in Create

I’ve been trying out the new Cricut Craft Room software again. I have many Cricut products, and overall I’m happy with them.

This Craft Room software replaces their original “Design Studio Software” that was very buggy. You could make it work, but you need a training class to understand how to use it and there were quirks that needed fixed, I think they decided to start all over again! The original software was $60, and the new version is free. Seems like they wised up and realized if we have a product that works, we’ll buy the cutting machine and cartridges to go along with it.

So here’s the items I like about the new Cricut Craft Room software:

  • it’s free
  • you can login from anywhere that has an internet connection
  • you can share saved project files with friends
  • super easy welding of letters
  • you can see the images better in overlays
  • you can search for images, most are tagged now
  • text box for type words easily
  • cartridge linked to your account
  • online tutorials

And here’s a few things I’m not happy with when using the new Cricut Craft Room software:

  • when you use the software, you need to own the cartridge to cut with and my cartridges are linked to my Gyspy
    note: the Gypsy is the unit ProvoCraft came out with to allow you load all your cartridges to one device so you don’t have to port all the cartridges around with you
  • there’s no way to unlink the Gypsy
    note: I tried reformatting it, that didn’t work
  • there’s no way for the software to know about the cartridges linked to your Gypsy yet
    note: even through you register them with your account and sync with your Gypsy & Cricut cutting machine
  • there’s no way to use the software and connect your Gypsy (since it holds all your cartridges)
    note: the Gypsy and Cricut both connect to your computer via USB ports, but the software only allows one to be connected

So to get around the negatives, and believe me, I’ve spent time trying every combination and searching online for solutions from ProvoCraft, I’ve come up with this simple solution.

I pulled out my old JukeBox that I used before I bought the Gypsy. I have all my cartridges (not the overlays, since I don’t need them with the software) inside the JukeBox and I have my favorite ones loaded in the top of it. So when travel, I just need my computer with the CraftRoom software, my Cricut cutting machine, and the JukeBox with my cartridges.




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