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Posted on 30. Aug, 2012 by in Create

I recently signed up to receive emails from and I noticed that they have a “free cartridge cutting” event happening each week.  I saw in the Craft Room software last week that there was a cartridge called “Life’s a Party” and didn’t think much about it, I just knew that I didn’t own it.  But now when I log-in, it’s gone but there’s a new one this week called “Create a Critter”. They must be letting us try out the different cartridges before we purchase them. (In the cutting software you can design with all of their cartridges, but only cut with the ones that you own).

It’s making me use the software more, so that’s a good thing, it’s how I’m learning all the features.  I’ve also been watching YouTube videos where folks have uploaded videos to watch about how to use it. The only bad thing is that many videos are from older versions and they have moved items around in the software. But at least I can see what it can do, but then I hunt and peck to find where they put it!

I’m using scrap paper to make my little critters! Lord knows I have every color in my scrap pile! I’ll probably save them for card making for kids (or friend’s!) birthday cards. For now they can just look cute on my bulletin board. Wish I had known that the Party cartridge was just around for one week, I would have made a few things with it.  Oh well, I’m having fun with my Cricut!

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