Embed YouTube Video into WordPress Post

Posted on 29. Jun, 2013 by in Develop

This recently came up with a client on her site.  She wanted to include a recent video into a WordPress post on her website.

Normally when you create a post, you enter your text into the post area. If you look above the input area and the tool bar, you will see two tabs.  One is labeled “Visual” and the second one is called “Text”.  Nine times out of ten, you stay on the Visual tab.  For this, you will enter the embed code over on the Text tab.

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RSS Graffiti

Posted on 07. Mar, 2013 by in Develop

graffitiLogoOh my gosh, why didn’t I discover this sooner?  I’ve long since known that there was software out there that would schedule your content and post it to Facebook, Twitter, and your blog.  But I wasn’t expecting how handy this tool would be!

I have a client that was interested in ensuring that their Facebook posts were appearing on their subscribers news feed pages.  With recent changes on Facebook, a company could not be sure that the posts on their Facebook business page, was showing on everyone’s news feeds.  My client did some research on the subject and found an article about posting to your blog (see “How to Reclaim your Missing Audience“) and having it automatically post to your Facebook page.  So it made me take another look at this process. Read More…

Napoletan Fitness

Posted on 04. Aug, 2012 by in Develop

I have the best clients! Here’s one of my clients singing for a local band in Columbus, Ohio. She makes us laugh all the time. She’s a sweetheart and her clients love her.

Jess does an excellent job with her clients. She’s helped many people become more fit with her fitness company. After working for a fitness chain, Jess went out on her own and we’re so proud of her.

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Slice and Dice that PSD

Posted on 16. Jul, 2012 by in Develop

I recently attended WordCamp at OSU. Enjoyed all the presentations!

One presentation left me wanting more information about slicing up a design of a website. Many time I work with a client and they have an idea of how they want to layout their website. We talk about the purpose of the site as well as the look. But once we draw up the design, I didn’t know how to “slice” it into the pieces needed for the look or theme of the website. Read More…

What to Write About

Posted on 28. May, 2012 by in Develop

Last year while attending Word Camp Columbus, to learn more about Word Press,one of the speakers gave a great presentation about what to write about.  I never really thought about it, but it makes sense.  You know you want a website, you get it all setup, but then when it comes to adding content, it’s very hard to think of what to write. So, if you have a website and are looking for ideas to write about, consider the following types of information to post …

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Woo Theme Shortcodes

Posted on 27. May, 2012 by in Develop

I love Woo Themes for Word Press.  I recently have been playing with their Shortcodes button.

When you are entering posts, there are many times you want more features — like columns, tables, etc. but the browser will not allow this in most HTML editors. However, using Woo Themes Shortcodes button, you can create buttons, info boxes, relate posts, contact forms, columns, tabs, lists, dividers and social buttons.

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WordPress Web Publishing

Posted on 06. May, 2012 by in Develop

I’m loving the web publishing software called WordPress.  WordPress stores your website content in a database but let’s you pick different designs for the look & feel. There is a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

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Recipe for a great website

Posted on 22. Apr, 2012 by in Develop

After working with many clients on many different types of websites, learning what methods work and more importantly, what doesn’t work, I have put together a recipe for a great website. If you are in the process of starting a business website or revamping your existing site, keep this recipe in mind.

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Using Web Feeds, ie. RSS

Posted on 21. Apr, 2012 by in Develop

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it’s that little orange symbol that you see on websites. This RSS is called a feed, and it allows you to receive updated content published. A feed can contain text, pictures, audio and video. Audio content, usually in MP3 format, is referred to as podcasting.

Step 1. On your favorite websites, click on the RSS icon to to receive the content in a few different forms. To get content automatically, you subscribe to a feed.

Step 2. You will be asked to select a name for the feed, give it a name to remember the information, I usually use the name of the website.

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Wild Apricot

Posted on 18. Feb, 2012 by in Develop

Wild Apricot is online membership software for websites with features such as online membership applications, member directory, and automated membership renewals. Manage events, payments, even donations with this easy to use online system.

I have setup a few clients now with this software system and I highly recommend it. While there is a learning curve to learn all the features, you can be up and running with a membership website within a couple of days.

Here’s the clients that I have used this for so far: