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I get asked this question a lot.  Even with all the TV shows like Clean Sweep and Hoarding: Buried Alive, people do not realize that you can be a professional organizer as a career.

I had lost interest in computers around 2007, I think everyone gets sick of their job after 20 years of doing the same thing!  I started searching for new careers and came across NAPO.

If you are serious about helping others get organized, the best course of action is to attend a local NAPO meeting.  When you attend the Ohio chapter meeting, you have the opportunity to meet other organizers and learn the details about getting started.  If you discover it is something that you want to persue, I would suggest that you seek out a mentor.  NAPO Ohio has the best mentorship program.  When I started in 2007, I hired a coach to get a jump start on my business.  She was wonderful at teaching me all the basics about the business.

When I tell folks I’m a professional organizer, most don’t really know what it means.  Then I explain that it’s like the show with Peter Walsh, Clean Sweep on TLC. We help organize the chaos and clutter in our lives.

Recently, a co-worker mentioned that she is so busy with her three young boys that she can’t work full-time and get it all done. She loves her family, of course, and she also loves her job, so quitting her job isn’t the answer. She hadn’t been able to get to the grocery store, her folks were coming into town, and she kept missing the post office hours because they were closed by the time she left the office. I hear these stories over and over again. She needed help. This is when I started my MomForHire business.


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