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Online shopping has become more and more popular. It’s so much easier to price compare online without running from store to store. Seems like lately the stores don’t even stock the item I’m looking for and they recommend that I order it online – why did I bother coming into the store?!

If you have a website and/or blog, you are probably writing about products and making recommendations, even if that is not your main form of income for your business. Why not get a little credit for making sound recommendations to your readers?

When you mention a product, just add a link that takes your reader to the product. The link will include your affiliate information. Then you can earn up to 15% from Amazon, a leader in eCommerce and you’re reader had an easy way to purchase the product that you recommended.

So creating the links sounds complicate, right? Amazon makes it very easy to add the link to your site. They also have widgets and easy product searches for your use.


To get started, you need to join their program and answer some questions. You also need your bank routing information so they know where to send your earnings. Here’s the steps to join:

  1. Click the “JOIN” button on the Amazon Associates page.
  2. At the prompt, enter your email address and an existing Amazon password or click on “I am a new customer”. Click the “Sign In” button.
  3. Amazon will ask a series of questions about you and your website, fill in all information that you can, see AmazonWebsiteProfile.
  4. Amazon will ask for your bank routing information, but you can tell it you will fill in this information later if you don’t have it handy.
  5. You must read over and agree to their Operating Agreement, click the checkbox.
  6. Submit your information and you will receive a Welcome email from Amazon.

Once you have signed up, remember your login information and keep it safe. Let’s take a minute to learn about the program:

  1. Click the “Get Started Now” button on the Amazon Associates page.
  2. There are a series of pages describing the program, explaining how it works. Press the “Continue” buttons.
  3. You will see they have thought of everything, but don’t be overwhelmed.  Just scan thru these pages to be aware of what all is possible.

Ok, so you have joined and learned more about the program. Now you are ready to add a product to your website! I like to scrapbook, so my first post was about scrapbooking using Cricut die cutting tools. Here’s the steps to search for products to recommend:

  1. Click on “Links & Banners” across the top of your Amazon Associates page.
  2. Search for a product that you tell your readers about, maybe it’s a good book that you just read by entering some part of the name of that product and press the “Go” search button.
  3. Once you select which product, you will notice a gray bar across the top of your browser. Click on the first option, “Link to this page” and a pop up screen will appear.
  4. Amazon will create the link that includes your associate id in it. Scroll down this Customize HTML window and you can select the HTML down near the bottom of that pop up screen. Copy the HTML by pressing the “Highlight HTML” button then press Ctrl-C to copy.
  5. Now over in a new post, you can paste that HTML. Remember to paste onto the “HTML tab” of your post. You should see the product appear in a small box with a link to when you switch to the “Visual tab”.
  6. Play around with ways to incorporate your links to products in your posts when you recommend products.  Here’s my example of how I included the Cricut products on a post where I included tips about the products.


Amazon size creates the HTML link for you



Paste the HTML on the HTML tab of your post


Shoot me an email if you want some help with this!


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