“Jess has helped me meet fitness goals that I wasn’t sure I could actually meet. In eight months I have lost about 30 pounds and 40 inches. Her kind and encouraging demeanor combined with periodic workout plan updates provides me with what I need to succeed. Jess took baseline measurements in January. I was surprised by the improvements shown in February and March. I had been so out of touch with my body. I increasingly gained motivation and confidence. I enjoyed feeling better and became committed to my workout routine and improving my diet.

Jess is very realistic. She encourages me to workout regularly, but she realizes life is hectic and there are days for more reps and days with less reps. Overall, consistency is the message I hear. The variety of workout plans keeps me challenged. The fitness measurements give me feedback. Encouragement from Jess provides mental support. These things keep me motivated to keep my portion sizes and my intake of sweets in check. This is proving to be a recipe for success for me. I am confident I would not have achieved these results on my own. Jess has my personal recommendation as an excellent fitness trainer.”
— Francie

“Jess, Guess what? I was able to fit into my new, size 10 pants with ease with some room to spare. Can you believe it? I really appreciate your patience, professionalism and attention to the many fitness requests that I have proposed to you over the years. I had no idea going into this that I would ever be able to fit into a size 10. I mean, is this actually me I’m talking about. This is totally unexpected. It’s really like icing on the cake, because it wasn’t something that I desired. See, that’s the thing about staying in shape; you get unexpected and very rewarding perks along the way. Thanks for all that you do. If we keep this up, it’s very possible that I may reach and even possibly surpass my 71 year old role model. That would certainly be one for the books.”
— Caroll

“When I first came to Jess I was in need of some help.  Having gone through shoulder surgery, a move to a new house which also included changing gyms, I had fallen out of my workout routine.  Finding reasons not to make it to the gym, I quickly put on 15 extra pounds and was the most out of shape I had ever been.  I thought going to a trainer would help motivate me and get me headed back in the right direction.  I sat down with Jess and she asked me what my three goals were: 1. to lose weight/lean out; 2. build muscle; 3. improve cardio endurance (I couldn’t even run one mile on a treadmill without wanting to pass out afterward!).  Over the past year, I have trained with Jess for 30 minute sessions from once to twice a week.  I don’t think any workout has been the same which keeps it interesting.  She was quickly able to learn what I was capable of and to push me to my limits even though I thought what she was asking me to do was impossible.  My trust in her allowed me to push myself and I have been able to do everything she has asked me to do.  The best part of it is Jess herself…she is able to find the balance between pushing you to your limits but also being a friend at the same time.  I truly enjoy my time with Jess and I plan to continue to workout with her for a long time.  I can say how great she is, but the fact remains that results are the best proof.  In my year of working out with Jess, I have lost 16 pounds, I have improved my body strength in several areas proved by her fitness challenges and I finished my first half marathon in less than two hours.”
— Thanks Jess!

“My son wasn’t old enough to join a gym but he wanted to improve his physical fitness for travel hockey and football. He saw his stamina and strength improve over a few short weeks with Jess. He says, “I like training with Jess because she is fun and she mixes it up. She has taught me that exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym with a bunch of equipment. We used the outdoor landscape, bands, free weights, running, and my own body weight to accomplish my goals. Jess understands how to get me going and stay motivated. I look forward to my sessions. With Jess, exercise doesn’t feel like exercise!” As his mom, I not only see improvement in his physical ability but also in his self confidence. He now knows he doesn’t need a gym to get results and exercise can be fun. Jess is a tough but caring motivator with a lot of energy. She loves to try new things and mix it up. Most of all Jess helps her clients reach their goals. ”
— Michelle

“Jess, I wanted to send this to say thank you for everything!  I could not have asked for a better trainer and I loved every single workout you gave me.  I wanted other clients to know, because I would not have gotten the results I did had I not worked out with you. I started training with Jess back in January.  My main goal at the time was to get in really good shape before I had surgery on my knee.  As a dancer I was really afraid of the backslide while recovering.  Jess really tuned in to things that would challenge me without adding to my injury and if something did hurt she was able to alter it into something I could do. Then my motives changed as I decided I wanted to compete in a festival pageant that required me to compete in a swimsuit competition.  I decided I wanted to gain really great strength and tone without becoming too thin.  Jess developed a plan that did just that.  Plus I never became bored and I looked forward to our workouts all day long. Although it was very scary and awkward to walk on stage in a bikini, I loved how my body looked.  I looked exactly the way I wanted to; healthy and strong! Working with Jess is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  Not only did I gain knowledge about the workouts I like, I realized how much I want to help others reach their fitness goals.  I now work at a gym in North Carolina where I am a personal trainer.  If you have goals that you really want to reach start training with Jess.  She is really laid back and never made me feel like I wasn’t working hard enough, but knew how to get me to push my limits.  Take my word for it, the time and effort you put into your workouts you will get back and then some!”
— Much Love,