20 Minute Medicine Ball Workout

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Using a 6-12lb Medicine Ball complete this circuit for time. Take a short rest then repeat the circuit twice more working to beat your best time each round. Good luck!  Follow napoletanj on Instagram to see the proper form for these exercises.

20 Triceps Ball Slams

20 Traveling Medicine Ball Push-ups

20 Medicine Ball V-Ups

20 Medicine Ball High Tosses

Parking Lot Suicides (Every 3 Spaces up to 12)

The Power of the Medicine Ball

Consider making a medicine ball your next fitness equipment purchase.  There are a ton of exercises that can be done with a medicine ball, especially now that the weather is nice!  Aside from using it in place of a weight to do exercises like shoulder presses and triceps extensions, medicine balls can be thrown, bounced, and balanced on for high intensity core work.  Try chest passes, overhead throws, and oblique twist and tosses with an 8-15lb ball.  Consider trying a set of pushups with your hands or feet on the ball.  Finally, add a medicine ball to any abs exercise for a higher level of difficulty and increased burn.  
If you’re looking for something new to add difficulty to your workout routine look into purchasing a medicine ball from any sporting goods store.  A new addition to your fitness equipment could be just what you need to regain excitement in your workouts and avoid hitting a plateau.  Search “medicine ball workouts” on YouTube for ideas on where to start!