Abs Burner

Try this quick abs workout at home.  It takes about ten minutes and there’s no equipment needed.  Your goal is to complete the entire workout with minimal rest.  Good luck!

30 Bicycle Crunches (each side)

5 Hip Raises (shown above)

25 Bicycle Crunches

10 Hip Raises

20 Bicycle Crunches

15 Hip Raises

15 Bicycle Crunches

20 Hip Raises

10 Bicycle Crunches

25 Hip Raises

5 Bicycle Crunches

30 Hip Raises

10 Minute Circuit

Try this workout at home or in the gym.  It only takes 10 minutes and it’s sure to burn some calories and work your upper body.

5 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses (10-25lbs)

10 Pushups

15 Bicycle Crunches Each Side

Repeat this circuit every minute on the minute for 10 minutes straight.  If you get behind just continue to complete the circuits until you’ve finished all ten.  Good luck!

A New Format For Your Workouts

Looking for a way to add change to your routine?  Consider implementing this new format into your next workout.  Take anywhere from six to ten exercises of your choice and create a timed circuit.  Spend one minute doing each exercise until you’ve completed the entire circuit.  Upon completion of the first round, eliminate the first exercise that you did and complete the rest of the circuit again.  Continue this pattern until you get down to the last exercise.  Complete that exercise alone for one minute and finish with a cool down and stretch!

For added intensity, shoot to complete 7 exercises in 30 minutes or less, or 10 exercises in 60 minutes or less.  Also take into consideration whether you want to make the circuit strength or cardio based or if you want to include both.  This can be completed as an upper, lower, core, or total body workout.  Good luck!

The 500 Challenge

Consider modeling your next workout with this blueprint.  Decide whether you want to do a total body workout or just one or two muscle groups.  Choose 10 different exercises that fit into your routine for the day and then complete one set of 50 repetitions for each exercise. Choose your weights wisely and stick with what you pick.  If you can’t complete 50 reps at once then take as many small breaks as needed until you finish your set.  You may up your weight if it feels too easy, but do not go down in weight if you can help it.  Once you finish your 10 exercises you will have done 500 repetitions.  For added intensity shoot to finish this workout in 30 minutes or less.  Good luck!

The Power of the Medicine Ball

Consider making a medicine ball your next fitness equipment purchase.  There are a ton of exercises that can be done with a medicine ball, especially now that the weather is nice!  Aside from using it in place of a weight to do exercises like shoulder presses and triceps extensions, medicine balls can be thrown, bounced, and balanced on for high intensity core work.  Try chest passes, overhead throws, and oblique twist and tosses with an 8-15lb ball.  Consider trying a set of pushups with your hands or feet on the ball.  Finally, add a medicine ball to any abs exercise for a higher level of difficulty and increased burn.  
If you’re looking for something new to add difficulty to your workout routine look into purchasing a medicine ball from any sporting goods store.  A new addition to your fitness equipment could be just what you need to regain excitement in your workouts and avoid hitting a plateau.  Search “medicine ball workouts” on YouTube for ideas on where to start!

Incorporate the Bosu Ball During Your Next Workout!

If you’re looking for a way to switch things up in the gym consider incorporating a BOSU ball into your regular lifting routine.  You can stand on either side of a BOSU and perform curls, triceps extensions, shoulder presses and more while getting a great core workout at the same time!  You can lay flat on the rounded side of the BOSU and complete chest presses and flies, or you can perform plank holds and pushups with your hands and/or feet/knees on a BOSU ball for increased difficulty.  Try crunches on the BOSU for increased abs strength, or simply practice balancing on a BOSU with one foot at a time to strengthen weak ankles.  Lunges and squats can be performed on a BOSU ball as well, and the possibility for cardio and plyometrics on a BOSU are endless.
Next time you’re in the gym give it a shot.  Incorporating the BOSU is a great way to enhance muscle confusion as well as build core strength and stability.  If you feel as if you’re in the habit of doing the same exercises all the time, add a BOSU to your routine for a slight change in intensity!