Focus on Today



“Nothing is worth more than this day.  You cannot relive yesterday.  Tomorrow is still beyond your reach.”  — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Congratulations to Lindsey Allen and Joe Adams who have both lost more than 3% of their bodyweight in just 6 weeks!  You guys are doing a phenomenal job taking everything one day at a time.  We’re halfway through the Napoletan Fitness weight loss challenge.  Keep it up!

Congratulations to Cap City Quarter and Half Marathon Finishers!

A BIG Congratulations to everyone who finished the Capital City Quarter and Half Marathons in Columbus this past Saturday!  We had six people representing the Napoletan Fitness family downtown and they all did GREAT!!  Cheryl Brown, Melissa Hura, Jessica Kielmeyer, Lisa Frank, Blake McAllister, and Chelsea Pardi, way to stick with your training and reach your final goal!  You guys are awesome!!


This post is overdue, but I want to make sure that Rachel gets some recognition on the website for her outstanding achievement of completing her very first 5k!  After 12 weeks of training and starting at just a quarter mile at a time, Rachel was able to complete the Powell 5k last Saturday jogging the entire way.

Great work Rachel!  This feat just goes to show your potential in regards to fitness and exercise.  I’m so glad that you set this goal for yourself and stuck with it despite some of the mental and physical road blocks that we experienced during the way.  I’m looking forward to helping you reach your next major goal.  The sky truly is the limit!!

Outstanding Achievement!

CONGRATULATIONS TO RACHEL LAMBERMONT ON HER NON-STOP 2 MILE RUN!!!!!  Rachel is in the process of training for a 5k that her and I are going to run together at the end of April.  Rachel started her 5k training running only a quarter mile at a time.  Over the past several weeks she has worked her way up to running 2 miles non-stop!

During yesterday’s run, Rachel’s determination trumped her uncertainty and she completed those two miles like she’d been running for years.  CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY!!!  The more success you experience, the more confident you will become.  Awesome job, Rachel!  Keep up the remarkable work!!

Plank Competition Results!

Don’t get too jealous, the medal is from Joe’s first half marathon, not the plank competition!  However, after tying with Lisa Jones for a four minute plank, Joe Adams took the title for longest plank with a 6 minute and 34 second tiebreaker!!  Congratulations, Joe, on the longest plank hold out of all of Napoletan Fitness’ participating clientele.  You held your plank longer than over 20 people and earned yourself a free one hour massage from Massage on the Rocks in Westerville.
Congratulations to Lisa Jones for a valiant effort and a second attempt time of 5 minutes and 5 seconds!  Other honorable mentions go to Cheryl Brown, Maggie Anderson, Wendy Satkowiak, and Caryn Coomer for holding planks longer than three and a half minutes.  Great job to everyone who participated and did their best!!  Keep practicing!

Congratulations Cheryl!


Her smaller quarterly goals and determination allowed her to reach her ultimate fitness goal for last year.  She told me, “I was going to do it no matter what,”  and she came through on that promise.  Congratulations, Cheryl!!  Keep up the spectacular work!!!  Getting your text with this BIG news was the highlight of my week! 🙂

Outstanding Effort and Achievement Award!

The “Outstanding Effort and Achievement Award” for last month goes to Jackie Haight and Laurie Grega!  Their consistency and exceptional effort has helped earn them the award and there are no signs of either of those facets dwindling.  The three of us began training at the gym together and have been doing in home training for all of 2011.  
During the spring and summer, these two were some of my only clients brave enough to conquer my infamous Alum Creek workouts week in and week out.  There are few who work as hard as these two do every single time they train.  Dedication is an understatement when it comes to Laurie and Jackie.  They have certainly made fitness a priority this year and it definitely shows!
Jackie never hesitates to push herself a little further during our workouts.  She frequently requests workouts that most people dread and finishes a good amount of them without even breaking a sweat.  Jackie is committed to performing weekly cardio on her own and still spends a good amount of time in the gym lifting.  She’s always looking for the next challenge and I have yet to see her fail.  Keep up the great work, Jackie.  I will do my best to keep the challenges coming!  
Laurie is one of the toughest people I train.  Her and I have trained together for almost three years and I’m not sure I’ve met anyone more driven.  Although she has struggled with an injury for the better part of this year, it has become more of a motivator to her than a setback.  Where other people would be quick to give up or give in, Laurie pushes even harder until she achieves the task at hand.  She is committed to doing pilates once a week in addition to our training.  Being able to work with Laurie for the past three years has allowed me to watch her progress in both strength and stamina.  This year has been full of new achievements, Laurie.  Keep up the great work; I can’t wait to see what’s next!  
Getting to know the both of you has been the best part of our training.  I truly look forward to our sessions and catching up each week.  Between Jackie’s stories and Laurie’s music selection there is never a dull moment at the Grega household.  I can’t think of a better way to start my Fridays than hanging with you guys! 🙂

Outstanding Effort and Achievement Award!

For the first time this year we have dual recipients for the Outstanding Effort and Achievement Award.  For the month of October, Alicia Beaver and Caryn Coomer have earned their claim to fame.  These are two of my favorite girls to train, without a doubt, but coming up with challenges that suit them is no easy task.  The three of us have been training together, in home, since the beginning of this year and I can honestly say that few people are more consistent with their training than these two.  Week in and week out these girls come ready for the challenge and if you think that’s awesome wait until I tell you that they rarely even complain!  I know, I know, there’s obviously something wrong with them….it’s almost like they enjoy working out!?

I met Alicia in the summer of 2010, but did not start training her until this past January.  Since January, Alicia has been on the road to success.  Aside from losing inches and weight, she reached her goal of getting below 30% body fat in our first 6 weeks of training together.  Alicia also set a goal of increasing her total body strength.  I can’t even describe the progress we’ve made as far as strength goes.  Just recently, Alicia participated in the Napoletan Fitness “3 Minute Challenge” and became one of the top competitors in the leg lift competition.  She was able to complete 73 leg lifts in three minutes which earned her third place out of all of my female competitors and fourth place overall.  

Alicia, it has been a pleasure getting to know you.  You are so much fun to train and you have really come a long way in the last ten months.  Your fitness level has gone through the roof, and for you to be competing and hanging in there with some of the people I have trained for three or more years is a pretty big deal!  Your focus and ability to commit will be the keys to your success.  Keep working hard and I know we can achieve the unthinkable.  Your work ethic during our training sessions is unparalleled and I love that about you.  Keep working hard and there will be more great things to come!

Caryn and I started training together almost three years ago in the gym.  We began in home training in February and have been continuing our steady progress ever since.  In Caryn’s first eight weeks of training in home she lost 2% of her body fat.  After 12 weeks of in home training she had lost nearly ten pounds.  She has been dedicated and committed to training since day one and her progress shows it.

Caryn ran her first half marathon during our second year of training.  This was also my first half marathon, so I decided to make a friendly wager over who could finish first.  This was the beginning of Caryn taking me for everything I am worth.  This year, she completed her second half marathon in 2 hours and 14 minutes, 13 minutes faster than her first race.  Aside from being an all-star runner, she is easily one of the strongest women I train.  Not only did she put up some great numbers in the “3 minute challenge”, but she EMBARRASSED me in a head to head pushup competition during which she completed 110 pushups in three minutes.  (I still think she was counting by twos.)  At any rate, you can imagine how challenging it is for me to come up with workouts difficult enough for this girl.  She keeps me on my toes as a trainer and is easily my number one recipient of prizes and free things as I continue to be stupid enough to challenge her through competition.

Caryn, you are one of the hardest working people I have ever trained.  I have looked forward to training you and trying new things out on you every week for the past three years.  You’re a blast to be around but you always make working hard your first priority.  I have a ton of respect for that and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  Keep working hard and using competition to drive you.  You will achieve great things as long as you stay committed and have something to work for.  As far as the pushup competition goes…we shall meet again.  You can have the half marathon victory…you couldn’t pay me enough to show up for that rematch!  

World’s Strongest Man!?

Alright, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but he’s got to be the strongest eight year old in North Columbus!  Providing a little friendly competition for his mom, Courtney, David Osborne participated in the Napoletan Fitness “3 Minute Challenge” yesterday and OWNED it!  His competition wasn’t easy, as Courtney put up some stellar numbers herself.  However, in the end, David was able to push out 110 close grip chest presses and 126 dumbbell curls each in three minute timeframes.  I don’t see those numbers getting beat anytime soon.  Congratulations, David, on a phenomenal workout!  I’m thinking you can add weightlifting to the list of things you’re great at like building lego sets and using “laaassserrrs”.  You’re awesome, bud!  Keep up the great work!!!