Top 10 Ways to Burn Calories Outdoors and Have Fun at the Same Time

Now that Spring is here it’s time to consider some new ways to enjoy the weather and workout at the same time.  In addition to walking, running, and doing pushups at the park, let’s take a look at some creative ways to burn calories while having fun in the sun!!  The statistics below are based on a 160 pound person completing 30 minutes of activity.
#10 – Moderate Skating or Rollerblading – 182 Calories
#9 – Moderate Swimming – 221 Calories
#8 – Golfing (carrying clubs) – 221 Calories
#7 – Horseback Riding (trotting) – 235 Calories
#6 – Backpacking – 254 Calories
#5 Half Court Basketball – 298 Calories
#4 – Moderate Bicycling – 317 Calories
#3 – Touch Football – 317 Calories
#2 Canoeing (4mph) – 336 Calories
#1 Competitive Soccer – 365 Calories

A New Way to Knockout Your Cardio

If you’re looking for a new and more exciting way to get some cardio in, consider trying a boxing class.  Seek out a facility that has some knowledgeable instructors when it comes to boxing, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts.  Finding such a location that boasts heavy bags is even better.  
Not only are these classes a lot of fun, but in an hour long class you can look to burn anywhere from 600-1000 calories depending on how hard you work!  While most facilities don’t allow you to bring in pictures of your boss or your boyfriend to tape to the heavy bag, boxing can still be a thrilling way to release the week’s aggression.  
If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, check out a Title Boxing Club location in Hilliard or near Polaris, or the Sullivan Brothers Boxing Gym in Powell.  I highly recommend either of these establishments for a great workout and a good time!  Both gyms will allow you to try a free session before buying a package.  
If you’re making some changes in your workout program, try one of these workouts and see what you think.  You’ve got nothing to lose and may be able to implement something different into your fitness plan long term!  As good as boxing can be for weight loss and total body toning, a few of these classes might turn you into a knockout!! (Sorry, it had to be said.)

Jump Rope for 5 Minutes

Take five minutes out of your day to get some at home cardio in.  If you’ve got a jump rope at home, today is the day you are going to use it.  Whether it’s five sets of one minute intervals on the rope, or a long five minutes of jumping, take the time to complete this task.  Jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts a person can get.  It will help you get closer to your weight loss goals and aspirations of toning up.
If your rope jumping skills are comparable to the last child’s in the video above, consider jumping back and forth over a line or doing jumping jacks rather than using an actual rope.  I don’t want any law suits.  😉  GOOD LUCK!!    

Have Fun this Friday Night!

Whether it’s dancing, bowling, making a splash at the indoor water park, or hitting the rec center for open gym, make tonight an active Friday night.  Find a way to burn calories and have fun at the same time.  You never know, it might stick with you and become a part of your routine you can look forward to!
Below is an idea of how many calories you can burn in an hour of activity (these numbers are based on a 150 pound woman and were found at
  • Dancing ~ 210
  • Bowling ~ 120
  • Leisurely Swimming ~ 300
  • Sledding or Tubing ~ 360
  • Downhill Skiing or Snowboarding ~ 230
  • Curling ~ 180
  • Ice Skating ~ 360
  • Basketball ~ 300
  • Volleyball ~ 120
  • Racketball ~ 360
  • Soccer ~ 360