Quick Abs & Cardio Routine


This 30 minute workout is an abs burner that keeps your heart rate up!  Start with 2 minutes of jump rope followed by a minute of abs.  You’ll do this for 10 sets changing your abs exercise up each round.  Below are the abs exercises…

Half Sit-ups

Hip Raises

Lying Side Crunches

Toe Touch Crunches

Reverse Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

All-in Crunches

Leg Lifts

Russian Twists


Snakes at the Dam!


Head to your closest dam and try this snake style workout!  Complete the first exercise followed by the second exercise then back to the first.  Add a new exercise each time you complete a circuit.  Ladies will need 8-15 pound dumbbells and guys will need 12-20 pound dumbbells.  If you don’t have access to dam steps you can do this on your stairs at home.

12 Arnold Presses

12 Bent Arm Lateral Raises

12 Crunch & Punch

100 Steps

12 Underhand Cross Body Front Raises (each side)

12 Upright Rows

12 Weighted Toe Touch Crunches

1 Hill Sprint

For a video demo of this workout follow napoletanj on Instagram.  Good luck!

1500 Challenge



Be one of the few & one of the first to complete this circuit in 30 minutes!

500 Jab/Cross Combos on the Heavy Bag or Focus Mitts

400 Bodyweight Squats

300 Crunches

200 Pushups

100 Burpees

Break down repetitions however you need to as long as all 1500 repetitions get completed.  

  • Can’t quite finish?  Total up all of your completed reps and try again next week.  Track your improvement until you can complete the entire workout in 30 minutes or less.
  • Too stubborn to quit after 30 minutes?  Keep timing yourself until you complete the workout and then try to beat your time next week.
  • Want a real challenge!??  Beat the trainer’s time of 28:54!

Legs and Shoulders Circuit

free weightTry this pyramid style circuit in the gym or at home for around 30 minutes of high intensity strength training.  Complete 2 repetitions of each exercise in the circuit.  Once you finish the circuit start over with 4 reps of each exercise.  Continue through sets of 6, 8, and 10, take a short rest and then start again from 10 and work your way back down to 2!  If you complete the circuit properly your heart rate should stay up and you can look to burn between 250 and 400 calories!

Pushups with Hip Rotation and Side Crunch

Alternating Lunges with Lateral Raise

Seated or Standing Heel Raises

Barbell Squat Press

Dumbbell Dead Lift with Shoulder Shrug

Alternating Lunge Jumps

10 Minute Kettlebell Circuit

Grab a 10-25 pound kettlebell depending on your fitness level and try this 10 minute circuit.  Perform each exercise for 60 seconds and try to complete the entire circuit without stopping.  Take a 2-4 minute rest and then repeat the circuit again.  To add intensity perform a series of abs exercises during your rest period.  Not only is this a stellar legs and shoulders workout, but it’s a great way to get some cardio in without having to use those monotonous machines.  Good luck!  
Single Arm Clean & Press (60 sec each arm)
Single Arm Swings (60 sec each arm) 
Sumo Squat with Single Arm High Pulls (60 sec each arm)
Alternating Lunges with One Arm Press (60 sec total)
Single Arm Snatches (60 sec each arm)
Front Raises with Burpee (60 sec total)

Contrary to Popular Belief…

…you don’t have to wait for something to start chasing you before you get out there and RUN!!!  Check out www.roadracerunner.com to find a race near you!  The site lists everything from “fun runs” to full marathons and you can search for races by location.  Challenge yourself to reaching a new goal.  Now is the time to try something different and get committed to a training program that keeps you on track throughout the summer.  GOOD LUCK!!