No-Carb Challenge

Take the no-carb challenge and finish out this week by just saying “no” to carbs after dinner! ┬áSave your carbohydrate intake for earlier in the day and focus on getting more “healthy” or complex carbs that are high in fiber than “bad” or simple carbs that are high in sugar and have a lot of white flour.

The Truth About Carbohydrates

Contrary to popular belief carbohydrates are NOT the spawn of Satan!  In fact, they’re used for energy. Those of us who stay active should reserve anywhere from 50% – 65% of our daily caloric intake for carbs.  This is why diets like Atkin’s and South Beach are not only unrealistic, but unhealthy as well.
There are two types of carbohydrates.  Things like white bread, white rice, cake, and candy fall under the category of “simple carbs”.  In contrast, things like whole grain breads and pastas, brown rice, fruits, and green veggies are considered “complex carbs”.
While simple carbs can often become a source of weight gain, complex carbs are imperative to energy and good health.  These carbs are suitable for a pre-workout meal.  They will provide you with the energy you need to make it through a tough session at the gym.  In addition, complex carbs can be a great source of fiber.  A person should include about 25 grams of fiber in their daily diet and the right kind of carbohydrates are a good way to fit that fiber in.  
While taking all of this into consideration one must also realize that even good carbs can be misused.  Whether it’s an apple or a bag of chips eating carbohydrates after supper can be as destructive as feeding a gremlin after midnight.  A guaranteed way to jump start your weight loss or avoid weight gain is to cut out ALL carbs after you eat your last meal.  If you’re feeling really brave try to avoid eating carbs during supper too.  Most of us aren’t in need of much energy at night.  For that reason, eating the bulk of your carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch makes more sense and can ultimately lead to weight loss and increased energy levels during the day.
So next time you reach for the beer and popcorn after dinner think of this clip:
…and think again!