Incorporate the Bosu Ball During Your Next Workout!

If you’re looking for a way to switch things up in the gym consider incorporating a BOSU ball into your regular lifting routine.  You can stand on either side of a BOSU and perform curls, triceps extensions, shoulder presses and more while getting a great core workout at the same time!  You can lay flat on the rounded side of the BOSU and complete chest presses and flies, or you can perform plank holds and pushups with your hands and/or feet/knees on a BOSU ball for increased difficulty.  Try crunches on the BOSU for increased abs strength, or simply practice balancing on a BOSU with one foot at a time to strengthen weak ankles.  Lunges and squats can be performed on a BOSU ball as well, and the possibility for cardio and plyometrics on a BOSU are endless.
Next time you’re in the gym give it a shot.  Incorporating the BOSU is a great way to enhance muscle confusion as well as build core strength and stability.  If you feel as if you’re in the habit of doing the same exercises all the time, add a BOSU to your routine for a slight change in intensity!