Merry Fitness!



If your gym is closed for the holidays but you’ve overworked your gut try this “12 Days of Christmas” workout at home!  All you need is a set of 10-15 pound dumbbells.  Below, I’ve listed the exercises for each “day of Christmas”.  Perform this circuit just as you were singing the well known Christmas carol.  Start with one repetition of the day one exercise, followed by two reps of the second day’s exercise.  Repeat each previous day as you make your way through the song.  Happy Holidays & have fun!!

1 – Plyo Pushup

2 – Burpees

3 – Reverse Flies

4 – Front Raises

5 – Weighted Squat Jumps

6 – Leg Lifts w/ a Scissor Kick

7 – Full Body Crunches

8 – Mountain Climbers each leg

9 – Jumping Jacks w/ a Shoulder Press

10 – Reverse Lunges each leg

11 – Dumbbell or Kettlebell Swings

12 – One Arm Snatches on each arm

If you look at this and feel overwhelmed, consider converting to Judaism for the day and completing the “Eight Days of Chanukah”… 😉