Crush Your Legs and Butt!


The following workout isn’t for the faint of heart!  If you need modifications comment below or send me an email at

12 HEAVY Dumbbell Squats (20lb dumbbells or higher)

10 (slightly lighter) Dumbbell Squats (decrease weight by 5-10lbs)

Decrease weight by 5-10lbs again and perform 3 back to back sets of 8, 6, and 4 Dumbbell Squats holding the last rep of each set in a squat position for a 10 count

Next, superset 4 sets of 24 Walking Lunges with 4 sets of 12 box jumps.  Use 10-15lb weights for the walking lunges.

After that, create a 3 station circuit that includes Bulgarian Split Squats, Kettlebell Swings, and Straight Leg Dead Lifts.  Use 10-15lb dumbbells for the split squats and dead lifts and use a 15-25lb kettlebell for the swings.  Complete 4 sets of 12 reps at each station.  Perform these exercises in the form of a non-stop circuit.

Finally, finish up with a Weighted Wall Sit (20lbs) until failure.  Take a 10 second break, max, and repeat your Weighted Wall Sit with 10lbs.  Take another short break, 10 seconds or less, and complete a final Wall Sit without weight until failure.

If you made it through that you’re awesome!  Hopefully you don’t lose any friends tomorrow from walking like you have a peg leg…Just tell ’em it’s “swag”.

Fighting Fear


“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” – Benjamin Disraeli

When given the opportunity to start something new and different why not jump at it!?  Change is often an overlooked, but important, factor of staying on the right track to reaching your goals.  Don’t be afraid to try something new if the opportunity arises.  Giving something a go does not necessarily mean that you have to commit to it long term.  A new twist in your current routine could be just what you need to stay motivated.  Unfortunately, you will never know unless you let down your guard and give it a chance!!

Health and Fitness Apps

exercise app


As we head into March, now is the best time to think of some new ideas that hold your interest.  Don’t become one of the gym-goers that fizzle out by April.  The best way to keep motivated, aside from accountability, is to stay interested by changing things up.  If you feel as if your current gym routine is getting monotonous, consider checking out one of these fitness apps on your smart phone.  Whether it encourages you to try something new, takes some of the thought out of designing a fitness routine, or simply helps you track your progress, these apps can be a great addition to your current fitness plan!

1. C25K

This fitness app boasts an 8 week training program that will have you running a full 5k by the end of it!  For just 30 minutes a day, 3 times per week, it will guide you through walk/run intervals that work their way up to 3.1 miles.  This is the perfect app for a first time or inexperienced runner with a goal of improvement in mind.  Find a 5k race in your area this Spring and give this app a go!

2. Nike + Running

This app is for the more experienced runners who enjoy pushing themselves to do more.  It contains a GPS which allows you to map your route and log your distance.  You can begin each run with a goal of reaching a certain distance, time, or speed.  It also offers a “basic run” which is open ended with voice notifications each time you finish a mile.  This app has the ability to save your previous runs and compare your stats each time you workout.  It also allows you to challenge your friends to beat your time or distance on a run.  Finally, by keeping a constant tab of your distances, you are able to set and reach a major goal of running 100 or more miles in a fitting time frame, whether it be a month, a quarter, or a year!

3. iFitness

This fitness app is centered more around strength training and can be helpful in the gym.  You are able to choose exercises by muscle group to create your own, personalized lifting routine.  You can also choose from the app’s pre-written routines which include programs for everyone from beginners, to those wanting to lose weight or tone up in a certain area, to people wanting to build strength and muscle.  The app goes as far as creating routines for business travelers and athletes such as tennis players and golfers.  It allows you to record your progress in a daily log that can be emailed to yourself or a friend.  Other perks include a weight monitor, BMI calculator, and body measurements log.  The exercise library seems a bit limited, but you can add new exercises as you go and really make this app work for you!

4. Pocket WOD

The Pocket WOD app provides a Crossfit work out of the day library as well as a variety of workout timers and workout and lifting logs.  The workouts are usually high intensity and consist of just a few exercises that are often to be repeated several times.  If you’re not familiar with cross fit some of the terminology can be difficult or impossible to understand. These workouts, often times, require heavy weights and lifting and are many times best suited for a gym.  Whether or not the exercises suit your style or ability, this can be a good app to develop a format for your workout.  The timers that the app provides can also be extremely helpful.  Aside from the regular stopwatch there is a count down timer, an interval timer, and a tabata timer.  Lastly, the app provides a fitness news feed with some of the latest news in fitness and nutrition.  This app will make more sense to the more advanced fitness guru, but if you’re interested in Crossfit it could be a decent place to start.

5. Loseit!

Loseit! is an app that is designed to help you log your calories.  Based on your weight and weight loss goals it will give you a recommendation for the number of calories you should be eating daily.  It also allows you to log your exercise so that it can take into account any calories that you burn.  This is, scientifically, the most efficient way to safely lose weight.  The app is easy to use and even contains a barcode scanner with the ability to read the nutrition facts on almost any package.  It allows you to create and share recipes as well as search some major restaurant menus for calorie information.  Best of all, you are able to become “friends” with others for accountability and support!  If weight loss is one of your goals, I highly recommend utilizing Loseit! or something similar.  If you are able to stick with it, it will NOT disappoint.  The only downfall of the app is that the food library is fairly limited.  While it has a lot of entries, it has been described as “lacking” compared to that of the MyFitnessPal application.  Whether you have to google the occasional item to find it’s caloric content, or you just choose to try a different app, these types of programs are sure to boost your results if you’re trying to lose weight!